Mark's Memo - Full Bloom

Submitted by Walnut Creek Foods on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 10:25am

Water, sunshine and good soil. The elements are simple, and usually plentiful. So, why does one person’s garden outperform another, plants flourish in one home but drop leaves in another?

I suspect the difference is not botanical or a factor that we can measure. The folks that got it, know it. They approach plant life with desire. And love.  And their plants know it. They don’t shrivel up and die; they bloom.

I approach plant life with a sense of duty, and it shows. I’m more of a fighter—my enemy is weeds. My finest moments are with a sprayer and my rough-cut mower. Victory is getting them before they get me.

But life is more than defense. If all we focus on is what’s out of line, what is an irritant, we miss out on all that is good. The gardener and the farmer with the “touch” know the joy that comes from seeing increase. They are rewarded with crops and plants that respond to their care.

So, here’s our self-check: As I approach work, am I filled with passion or ready to fight?

Weeds need to be eradicated, but they’re not the reason we go to work. Spending our day fighting doesn’t make us soldiers of peace in our free time. Fighters are reactive. They take care of problems, efficiently. The price paid is discontent and loss of the individual’s potential. Problems are fixed, but the team dynamics are gone.

In contrast, passionate team members work proactively. They naturally see the good in others, and if that vision is sometimes clouded, they see potential. They remember their own struggles and who encouraged them. They forward that encouragement to those in need.  

What will it be—a workplace where plants are drying up and shedding leaves, or a place of blooming with passion?

-Mark Coblentz