All Ears

“Oh, you’re from Walnut Creek? You’re the folks who make those delicious cinnamon rolls.” The woman speaking was from Louisiana, having just met our retail manager while at the National Grocers Association meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

At the same meeting where I heard that comment, another team member told of his daughter’s experience while vacationing in Italy. A fellow traveler mentioned she was hungry for beef jerky. When asked what brand she liked, she responded, “Oh, you wouldn’t recognize it, but I love Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky.” The daughter responded, “That’s funny—my dad works for them!”

As manufacturers of these products, we love to hear testimonials like this, especially when the conversations happen 6,000 miles apart. More importantly, we welcome all types of feedback about our product, processes, and people, whether negative or positive. 

A comment my son made a few years ago rings in my ears. In a team meeting in left field, after a game where nothing went as the coach planned, the coach asked sarcastically, “What was good about that game?” My son looked up with his serious, dark eyes and responded, “You’ve always said we learn more from a loss than from a win.” 

That’s us, that’s our desire—always learning from our errors. And, that’s why I look forward to our Annual Food Show. We get to interact with many of you face to face. You tell us what you like, but you also tell us where we have missed the mark. It’s a learning event, and we’re all ears! 

-Mark Coblentz

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