Mark's Memo - Heart Matters

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  I hope “they” are not the surgical team performing heart surgery. But food and affinity do go together; affinity can grow into love, and love into a life-long relationship, like marriage. It’s not just men; women have this same affection for food. All this because of food?

We so underestimate food. Food equalizes and creates bonds—we all eat. We notice when someone puts extra effort into food served, whether it’s a unique flavor, the flair of special presentation, or simply care taken to serve our favorites. With that first bite, something akin to love starts to blossom. Well, it could.

In a small way, we’ve found this happening in sampling products at our retail stores. Daily, we sample two product lines—our jams and jellies and our beef jerky and beef sticks. The crowd gathered around our samples evidences the popularity of these programs. Sales increase—it must be “love at first bite”! No, sampling doesn’t result in marriage, but sales of our Uncle Mike’s meat snacks increased signifcantly due to sampling!   

Our upcoming Food Show is a sampling-fest. In pursuit of finding special products that set your retail apart from others, you’ll have an opportunity to try items you’ve not tasted before. Product success happens when someone can’t help but recommend a product to others. Heather, our retail jarred goods manager, is a “jam and jelly nut.” The success of this department is a result of her passion.

At our Food Show this year, we’re introducing an easy way to sample Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky-- a shelf-ready shipper with a built-in sampling tub, a free package of jerky, and sellable product. This will be available for a limited time only. Come to the show, leave with passion, and sample our jerky at your store. Your customers will feel the love.

– Mark Coblentz