Walnut Creek Foods Unveils Refreshed Logo

Submitted by Walnut Creek Foods on Wed, 04/26/2023 - 8:45am

Today, Walnut Creek Foods announced the launch of their updated logo. Since their very first order in 1977, Walnut Creek Foods has become the source for quality, homestyle foods that bring people together. The manufacturing and distribution company has many exciting projects in the works for the upcoming year, and the refreshed look of the Walnut Creek Foods logo is just the beginning.

“The new logo not only signifies our ongoing commitment to improvement, but also embodies our core company values of respect, stewardship, and growth,” says Matt Keeler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Walnut Creek Foods. “It is important that the Walnut Creek Foods brand reflects our mission of Making Life Better — for our customers, our team members, and our community.”

The Walnut Creek Foods logomark was developed with the goal of preserving the company's heritage in Holmes County while also modernizing the logomark. The new design retains the familiar green color of the brand, but updates the traditional ribbon with a more contemporary, streamlined shape. Rendered with a woodblock technique, the illustration of a country road scene includes an Amish buggy, three-rail fence, and stately barn — all of which are characteristic of Holmes County and meant to evoke memories of a simpler time.

Walnut Creek Foods is excited for the release of their new logo, which can now be seen rolling down the streets on many of their tractor trailers. These Walnut Creek Foods trucks traverse 29 states and deliver products to over 2,500 loyal customers. In the coming months, the new logo will also make its way onto branded packaging and to the retail store, where customers will be able to experience the new look and feel of the brand firsthand. 

“We're thrilled to showcase our new branding to everyone we serve,” says Keeler. “We want to celebrate our heritage in Holmes County and continue to build upon the reputation we have built over the years. With our new logo, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with quality, value-driven products that promote good stewardship.”

About Walnut Creek Foods 
Walnut Creek Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of deli meats and cheeses, jarred goods, snack foods, and bakery items in Holmes County, Ohio. A family owned and operated business since 1977, Walnut Creek Foods has become a trusted name, known for their commitment to providing wholesome, quality products to the community they serve.