Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail
Distribution Division
Delivering Quality Foods That Promote Stewardship & Loyalty

With locations in Walnut Creek, OH and Curtiss, WI, this division provides five key functions: Purchasing, Sales, Customer Service, Warehouse, and Logistics. 

We serve over
2,500 Stores
We offer over
4,500 Items

decides what items we carry, including the vendors that we partner with, as well as how we will price those items. They are constantly evaluating consumer behavior, and adjust our product offering to meet the needs of our customers.

Customer Service

processes orders and other requests from our growing customer base. They work closely with the sales team to make sure our customers are treated the way we’d want to be treated.


team members are based throughout our distribution area, and live in close proximity to the market they serve. They help service our existing customer base and onboard new customers. They are a group of experienced, and highly passionate individuals that want to see their customers succeed in the marketplace.


operations collect the products our customers have ordered, stack them neatly and efficiently on a pallet, and load them for delivery. While this team may operate behind the scenes, they are an incredibly efficient and an important piece to helping us provide quality foods that promote good stewardship and loyalty.


was created out of a desire to provide the best service to our customers. By owning and maintaining our own fleet of trucks and employing experienced drivers, we can ensure deliveries are handled with care and arrive on-time. We hire all of our own drivers, therefore we are able to hire people we know will treat our customers with respect.

With a fleet of over 70 tractor trailers (and growing), we are well positioned to
meet the future needs of our customers.

Manufacturing Division
Two Strategic Locations

Our Manufacturing Divisions is an exciting, fast-paced part of our business, with two Ohio locations in Walnut Creek and Martinsburg. Our Walnut Creek facility consists of three different areas: USDA, FDA Wet and FDA Dry, and at Martinsburg the facility consists of an FDA wet area.


Our USDA area is home to our Uncle Mike’s Meat Snacks (jerky, beef sticks and snack sticks) line of products.


This section is where our jarred items are produced. This includes our jams, jellies, sauces, salsas and acidified foods, all items that can be found in the Cannery of Walnut Creek Cheese & Market, and throughout stores in the Midwest. Some other items produced in this area are our popular corn meal mush, smoke cheese and fudge.


This section of our facility, we make our pizza crusts, granolas, cheese spreads, cookie filling, snack mixes, our popular cinnamon rolls, and other bakery items.

In addition to producing our own products, Walnut Creek Foods Manufacturing provides private label services for our product lines. We also manufacture special recipes for various well-known regional and national brands. If you’re interested in our private label services, email our Manufacturing team.

Retail Division
Walnut Creek Cheese & Market

is a fast-paced environment where we offer our quality foods directly to consumers in Holmes County. There are two store locations, our flagship store in Walnut Creek, and a smaller-scale store in Berlin.

Having our own stores allows us to test new products directly with consumers, as well as understand the challenges of running a retail operation, which enables us to better serve our wholesale customers.

For more information on our retail division, visit the store website, or call (330) 852-2888.