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Interested in pursuing a career with us? Walnut Creek Foods offers a unique work environment with a variety of positions spread across four locations all in the heart of Amish Country. The values (Respect, Stewardship, and Growth) of which we operate under are the foundation of our company, and reflect our dedication to continual growth and improvement.


How would you like to go to work every day knowing that what you do is making life better for your co-workers, customers and their families?  Imagine going to work and facing endless opportunities to treat people the way you want to be treated, to maximize your potential, and to experience personal and professional growth.  At Walnut Creek Foods and Walnut Creek Cheese & Market, this is what’s happening. Team members are empowered to think outside of the box, to face challenges and get things done.

When you join the team here, you are invited to participate in our vision. Our organization functions as though we are a family, helping each other to succeed and working together towards a common goal of growth. 


Providing for the needs of our employees is part of our mission and something that is an ongoing focus for our company. We offer a variety of benefits including 401K, paid holidays, sick days, health insurance, dental and vision, profit sharing, vacation, and competitive pay.

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If you are interested in joining our family, please browse current opportunities listed below.

Job Openings

Manufacturing - Full-Time
3850 SR 39, Millersburg, OH 44654


A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

1.    The person hired for this position must be able to follow a Production Schedule. The Schedule will be produced by Assistant Plant Manager and the Production Supervisor.
2.    Responsible for supporting Production ( you may be asked to help with the following labeling, record keeping, wrapping, filling baking, etc.)  
3.    Responsible for keeping area, equipment clean and organized. 
4.    Responsible for finished product reaching the shipping/receiving dock
5.    The person hired for this position will be asked to support a smooth and efficient operation



Job Requirements
1)    Must be at least 18 years of age to hold this position

Physical Requirements
1)    Job requires lifting (50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing, sitting
2)    May require occasional lifting of (80 Pounds) 

Meat Department Manager
Walnut Creek Cheese
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687


A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

•    Provide leadership by serving team members and working alongside in the day-to-day operations of each department. 
•    Train and motivate staff in proper customer service techniques.
•    Determine staffing needs and schedule accordingly using established WCC guidelines and metrics.
•    In collaboration with the Perishables Manager manage the hiring process and additional staff hiring needs.
•    Sourcing Meat Department products to:
o    Ensure adequate quantities.
o    Ensure maximum freshness. 
•    Develop and maintain relationships with current vendors and investigate new vendors.
•    Oversight of purchasing all products used in the service meat case, as well prepackaged items displayed and sold.
o    Utilize data and sales histories, trends to predict and calculate future sales. 
•    Leverage pricing with suppliers to gain competitive marketplace pricing.
•    Utilize local meat markets as needed to provide proper product offerings to each store location. 
Food Safety
•    Develop and oversee food handling safety practices.
•    Develop and oversee inspection of incoming products.
•    Daily make determination as to whether products are fit to be sold.
o    Communicate with staff in this area. It is critical that the staff is comfortable with the products you are asking them to sell.
•    Follow all ODA procedures for smoker.
•    Analyzing the pricing of competitors and alternative suppliers to maximize both market share and profitability of WCC. 
•    Work alongside the Perishables Manager to set and adjust the prices for products as needed to maintain proper margin. 
•    In collaboration with Perishables Manager facilitate product, fixture, and merchandising vision.
•    Establish and maintain display and merchandising standards that will help drive sales and influence purchasing decisions. 
•    Analyze overall trends in product, merchandising, layout, and fixtures to drive innovation, and stay ahead of competition.
•    Check competitor pricing once per quarter. 
•    Use current data to determine gross profit reorder points. 
•    Collaborate with Category Manager and Perishables Manager to determine ad items. 
•    Attend Weekly DH meetings to review weekly dash and discuss operational issues/opportunities.
•    Compare vendor pricing once per quarter.
Other Areas
•    Assists in the development and implementation of new procedures and features to enhance the workflow of the department.
•    Promotions - Keeping track of all promotions and program discounts offered by vendors.
•    Analysis - Performing analysis that assists WCC in operating more efficiently and effectively.
•    Ability to back up Store Manager as needed.
•    Share in helping close the store on scheduled nights.
•    Assists with Quarterly Inventory counts as needed. 



•    Associate degree or relevant equivalent experience.

Job Requirements
•    Must be willing and able to use the following equipment:  hand jack, electric jack, scale, lift, slicer, smoker saw.
•    Full-time position, must work Saturdays, be willing to close the store 1-2 nights per week.
•    Be a team player that leads with our values of Respect, Stewardship and Growth.
•    Pay attention to details.

Physical Requirements
•    Job requires lifting (50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing, sitting.

Sanitation - Full-Time
3850 SR 39, Millersburg, OH 44654


The WCF Manufacturing Sanitation Employee will have a primary day-to-day responsibility of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various departments, such as USDA, FDA Dry & Wet areas, breakroom areas, restrooms, offices, and compactor area.

Job Title: Sanitation Worker/Cleaner
Job Description:
As a sanitation worker your primary responsibility is to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the assigned area. Your duties may include, but are not limited to:
1.    Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, floors, and fixtures using appropriate cleaning agents and equipment.
2.    Emptying trash bins and ensuring proper disposal of garbage.
3.    Cleaning floors by removing dirt, debris, and spills.
4.    Maintaining stock levels of cleaning supplies and reporting any shortages to the supervisor.
5.    Operating and maintaining cleaning equipment and utensils.
6.    Adhering to safety protocols and using personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.
7.    Reporting any maintenance or repair needs to the supervisor.
8.    Following established cleaning schedules and maintaining accurate records of completed tasks.
1.    High school diploma or equivalent.
2.    Previous experience in janitorial or sanitation work is preferred, but not necessary. Training is available to ensure Regulatory Compliance.
3.    Knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, sanitation standards, and safe handling of cleaning chemicals. Training is available to ensure Regulatory Compliance.
4.    Physical stamina and ability to perform repetitive tasks, lifting objects (weights can vary between 20LBS and 100LBS), and working in varying conditions.
5.    Attention to detail and a strong work ethic.
6.    Excellent time management and organizational skills.
7.    Ability to work independently or as part of a team.



The specific job duties and requirements may vary depending on the nature of the sanitation job.

Deli - Full-Time & Part-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687


A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

Daily Responsibilities:
1)    Check deferred orders in the week day box holders.
2)    Sweep and mop deli department floor.
3)    Clean meat and cheese coolers.
4)    Load cart from deli walk in cooler to stock meat and cheese cases.
5)    Sharpen slicer blades.
6)    Take cooler temperatures and record in log book.
7)    Clean and sanitize slicers and scales.
8)    At closing time, wrap all unopened meat and cheese from cooler cases and change cooler liners.

Customer Service:
1)    Slicing meat and cheese.
2)    Weigh and price products.
3)    Serve salads.
4)    Take customer express orders.

Weekly Duties: 
1)    Wash cupboards.
2)    Clean express buckets and express cooler, deli bag holders, trash cans.
3)    Mop walk in cooler floor.
4)    Do inventory and place order.
5)    Stock paper products.
6)    Clean and sanitize inside of cooler cases: Take out all products from cases and remove shelves to be cleaned.


Job Requirements
Must be 18 years or older.  Equipment: Slicers
Physical Requirements
Job requires lifting (from 10 to 50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing

Taxi Driver - Full-Time and Part-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687

A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

  • Pick up and take home employees according to the driving schedule.
  • Empty trash hopper and remove cardboard boxes to the compactors.
  • Refuel company vehicles – maintain more than ½ full
  • Responsible for the safe operation of company vehicles and immediately alerting the Warehouse Manager to any potential problems or accidents while driving company vehicles. 
  • Fill egg/dairy coolers and remove empty milk crates when necessary.
  • Job will require working some Saturdays.

Job Requirements

Must be at least 25 years of age, or 23 with a good MVR to hold this position.

This is a part-time position.

Must be willing and able to safely use the following equipment:

15-Passenger van

Pallet jack (training will be given for license to use electric powered equipment if desired)

Physical Requirements

Job requires lifting, bending, standing, walking, carrying, pulling, pushing, sitting, driving.

Bakery - Night-Shift
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687



• Hourly Position with a Night-Shift Premium
• Responsible for Baking, Icing, and Filling Donuts
• Full-Time or Part-Time Positions avaible 


• Willing to work Weekends & Hoildays
• Ability to lift 50 lbs 

Cashier or Customer Service- Full-Time & Part-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese - Berlin
4727 US 62, Berlin OH 44610


A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

Open Safe
Get money from safe and put in register
Get clean rags daily
Put bags on carousel
Wash Windows
Unlock Doors

Running Register:
Smile and Greet Customers
Scan Groceries
Listen to the customer
Learn how to run a WIC and EBT transaction
Say “Please”, “Thank You”, and “Have and nice day”.
Bring in carts from outside (in all weather conditions)
Help each other by bagging groceries when not busy
Put items back on shelves when customer doesn’t want it
Buy Change

Remain at register until all customers have left
Put out the Closed sign
Lock Doors
Run a Report from your register
Count your till (drawer) at the end of the day
Turn off lights
Bring in carts


Job Requirements

During slow times:  a) Must be willing to spring clean  (b) Straighten Shelves (c) Clean Register area
Know how to give change and count money
Must be willing to work weekends and evenings and Holidays.

Physical Requirements
Lifting (up to 50#), standing, bending, walking, sitting, pushing, pulling, talking 

Bakery - Full-Time & Part-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687


Job Requirements
Cleaning/operating equipment (some require a person age 18 or older by law),working weekends and evenings and Holidays.

Physical Requirements
Lifting (up to 50#), standing, bending, walking, running stairs, sitting, pushing, pulling, talking      

Job Inquiry

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Mail: Walnut Creek Foods 
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