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Interested in pursuing a career with us? Walnut Creek Foods offers a unique work environment with a variety of positions spread across four locations all in the heart of Amish Country. The values (Respect, Stewardship, and Growth) of which we operate under are the foundation of our company, and reflect our dedication to continual growth and improvement.


How would you like to go to work every day knowing that what you do is making life better for your co-workers, customers and their families?  Imagine going to work and facing endless opportunities to treat people the way you want to be treated, to maximize your potential, and to experience personal and professional growth.  At Walnut Creek Foods and Walnut Creek Cheese, this is what’s happening. Team members are empowered to think outside of the box, to face challenges and get things done.

When you join the team here, you are invited to participate in our vision. Our organization functions as though we are a family, helping each other to succeed and working together towards a common goal of growth. 


Providing for the needs of our employees is part of our mission and something that is an ongoing focus for our company. We offer a variety of benefits including 401K, paid holidays, sick days, health insurance, dental and vision, profit sharing, vacation, and competitive pay.

If you are interested in joining our family, please browse current opportunities listed below.

Job Openings

Bakery - Full-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 State Route 39

Clean Shelves every morning
Ice cinnamon rolls
Ice cookies and package
Package and price pies and bread as it is brought to you (includes slicing.)
Face shelves every two hours

Check daily production board
Mix items in order of board (batches of dough could weigh up to 50lbs.)
When finished, wash bowls and equipment and sweep around work station
Prepare mixes for next day as per production board

Check production board for daily pie sheet
Prepare, bake, then take to packaging to finish

Prepare cinnamon rolls and bake first every morning
Prepare and bake each batch as it comes from the mixer
Check temperature chart for each product
Maintain timing between proofer and oven

Check order board every morning
Pull cakes from freezer for the day
Decorate, package, and price

Keep retail cake freezer and cooler full


Job Requirements
Cleaning/operating equipment (some require a person age 18 or older by law),working weekends and evenings and Holidays.

Physical Requirements
Lifting (up to 50#), standing, bending, walking, running stairs, sitting, pushing, pulling, talking      

Manufacturing FDA Production - Full-Time, Day & Night Shift
3850 State Route 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687

A brief job description is as follows but not limited to:

The person hired for this position must be able to follow a Production Schedule. The Schedule will be produced by Assistant Plant Manager and the Production Supervisor.
Responsible for supporting Production ( you may be asked to help with the following labeling, record keeping, wrapping, filling baking, etc.) 
Responsible for keeping area, equipment clean and organized.
Responsible for finished product reaching the shipping/receiving dock
The person hired for this position will be asked to support a smooth and efficient operation


Job Requirements

Must be at least 18 years of age to hold this position

Physical Requirements

Job requires lifting (50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing, sitting
May require occasional lifting of (80 Pounds)


WCC Category Specialist
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687

Job Description: Use careful pricing and promotional maintenance to hit target gross profit numbers while remaining competitive with key competitors in the market.

Hours:  Approximately 40 to 45 Hours per week                7:30 – 4:30 Daily

Duties include but not limited to:


Follow the lead of the Category Manager for ideas and projects to work on.
Work with DH’s and store management as a team member


Work with Category Manager to

Adjust or assign new prices to fit department pricing strategy.
Review pricing and margins
Set overall pricing strategy for key departments, including target margins for advertising as well as for regular prices.
Gather data on promoted price points to discover trigger points and determine what items generate excitement from customers
Monitor competitor pricing and promotions to compare with WCC


Work with Category Manager to:

Plan promotions for select departments based on available pricing, prior data and seasonal demand.
Track category sales volume to evaluate trends and stay in touch with customer preferences
Produce analysis requested by department heads and/or store management

To perform all other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements:

Must have strong analytical and strategic thinking skills
Be proficient with Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word etc.)
Business degree in Accounting or related field preferred
Must be at least 18 years of age to hold this position
This position is a full-time position
Must be willing and able to use the following equipment:
Computer, Printer/Fax/Scanner

Physical Requirements:
Job requires lifting (up to 50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing, sitting    

WCC Bakery Department Head
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 SR 39, Walnut Creek, OH 44687

Duties include but not limited to:


Develop and cultivate a positive can-do attitude in yourself and the bakery department team
Develop a structure with clear lines of accountability that enhances the customer experience

This requires a customer first mindset that continually challenges the process in order to improve the way we serve our customers

Envision, plan, and implement a culture of achievement among team members.
Establish and monitor food safety plans
Maintain a win/win relationship with WC Foods.
Create a team mindset working with all departments – All on the same team


Oversight of purchasing and stocking of all necessary ingredients
Maintain proper inventory levels of ingredients and finished goods
Oversight of all display and stocking activity

Establish metrics to determine stocking trigger points
Establish metrics to determine production schedules

Monitor and track shrink during production
Work with Category Manger for proper pricing of all products

Local competition price comps

Work with Category Manager for weekly ad items
Determine necessary staffing need and schedule according to Department hours spreadsheet
Hiring, training and evaluating of bakery staff – in conjunction with Store Manager

No person under 18 is allowed to operate power driven bakery equipment


Continued annual growth gain targets.
Monitor sales trends
Awareness and discussion on marketplace trends.
Train “Every team member, every day” to be friendlier and grow in competence.
Continual coaching, training and evaluating for best retail place to work locally.

Evaluations take place on a yearly basis.  Keys to this position include continually challenging processes to improve efficiency and service, can-do attitude, safety, and quality.


Job Requirements:
Must be willing and able to use any and all equipment in the Bakery dept

Full time position, must work Saturdays

Physical Requirements:
Job requires lifting (50 Pounds), bending, standing, walking, carrying, climbing, pulling, pushing, sitting


Cafe - Part-Time
Walnut Creek Cheese - Walnut Creek
2641 State Route 39


Physical Requirements
Lifting (up to 50#), standing, bending, walking, stairs, sitting, pushing, pulling    
Must be willing to work weekends, holidays, and evenings.

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