FZ Pork - Pattie 3/1 6 lb Mishler`s

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8/6 lb
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Already mildly seasoned, these patties are great plain or with any of your favorite toppings. They can be served as a breakfast sausage or as a sandwich on a bun.  We suggest BBQ sauce, cheese or even your favorite salsa. The possibilities are endless because it's always better on a Pork Buger!

Pattie Size: 3 patties per lb.

To store, keep frozen. Thaw in refrigerator.

On the Grill: If already thawed, over low to medium heat, patties will cook in approximately 6 to 7 minutes per side. If starting with frozen patties, the cooking time will be increased by an additional 3 to 4 minutes per side or until the internal temperature reaches 160° F. Observe the patties to avoid overcooking.

In the Skillet: Over medium heat, in a non-stick skillet, thawed patties will cook to an internal temperature of 160° F in approximately 6 to 7 minutes per side. Note, if starting with frozen patties, the cooking time must be extended by 2 to 3 minutes per side to reach a safe temperature.

To Broil: Pre-heat oven. Place patties on broiler pan or foil covered baking sheet sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Using the center rack position, thawed patties cook only 5 to 6 minutes per side. Frozen patties will cook approximately 7 to 8 minutes per side. Broiler temperatures will vary so observe patties to avoid overcooking. Monitor for safe 160° F internal temperature.


Pork, water, soy grits, salt, spices, natural flavor (contains maltodextrin), dextrose, citric acid, natural spice extractives.