Item # 715107 | UPC: 85229100526 | Pack Size: 1/50 lb

Popcorn - White Hi-Pop

Applications: This product is an excellent snack food. It is suited for air, oil, or microwave popping.

Lot Coding: All popcorn produced at Reist Popcorn Company will have a Julian date applied. This date will be 6 digits and represents the date the product manufacturing date. See illustration below.

105912= 1(fume lot number); 059(day of year); 1(2011); 2(Finished Bin#)


Moisture: 13.0-14.5%
Expansion: 34-36 cc
Less than 1% Mechanical Damage
Microbiological: Aflatoxin < 20 ppb.

Packaging: 50 lb. Poly-lined Bag

Shipping & Storage: Shipping and storage temperatures should not exceed 80 degrees F. Storage should be in clean, dry facilities.

Certified Kosher & Pareve.



Product Brand
Popcorn - White Hi-Pop
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Pack Size
1/50 lb
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Reist Popcorn